To begin my path I first used the link given in the description, an online store called “Uncommon Goods”. (uncommongoods.com). On this page I discovered the name of the artist who made these glasses and a little article about him: Massimo Lunardon. He works out of New York and Italy and seems to have designed many pieces on this website.

What I was most curious about was what “Rossini” meant, if not the name of an artist. I attempted to google “what is Rossini”, and discovered on a Glass Encyclopedia site (http://www.20thcenturyglass.com/glass_encyclopedia_home.htm)  that Rossini is actually a company which imports a specific type of glass from Italy called “empoli”.

With that mystery solved, I went back to Mr. Lunardon, who has a website at http://www.massimolunardon.it/home_en.php. I discovered that he also makes vases, intricate glass art pieces and lighting pieces. Note: Mr. Lunardon’s site is highly interactive with cluttered animations, difficult to navigate and while somewhat interesting, seems unprofessional.

None of the links on his site seemed to take me further, so I return to the original article.

The piece centered around ideas to give a newly wed couple for the new year. Besides the Rossini flutes, other suggestions included a ceramic ice bucket and a subscription to a caviar delivery service. I do believe the image fit well in the context of the visual article, as the flutes represent both New Year Bubbly and a wedding gift. The image is interesting, vibrant, and intricate and it was the first thing to capture my attention on the page.