I stopped on this article because I thought the cartoon was cute! I love the old, retro style of it and the lady’s fashionable outfit. Wanting to see more I visited the artist (Lars Leetaru)’s website. I love so much of Leetaru’s work! All of his pieces are these simple cartoons for publications. One of my favourites features a woman with very shapely legs and wide full hips laying out like the Goddess Venus in a mythical portrait. It was for an article entitled “me versus the scale” and she looked like she will win! Another funny one in title and not so much the drawing was of captain america in his block of ice saluting, but the article it was for was called “Broetry: Captain America”. Broetry! So funny. I also really liked a cartoon of a billboard painter covering over the mouths of the tragedy/comedy masks in theatrical symbolism. The article was entitled “ten things broadway wont tell you.”

The captain america one stuck with me most…I found that it was actually referencing a video entitled “Oh Captain, My Captain America!” Broetry I suppose. This intrigued me so much that I had to find out what else the publisher, Quirk Books puts out. Its such a fun website! Books about superheroes and “cat castles”, articles like “what if les miserables was a DND game?” I clicked on one featured book which is part of their month celebrating women, called “Crafting with Feminism.” I’m so confused on what this could mean.

Some of the crafts offered in the book are DIY panties that say “No Means No”, googly-eyed “tampon buddies” and buttons that profess girl-powered personal projects like “rocked roller derby”. In the book there are informative sidebars about the “(s)heroes” of feminism like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Frida Kahlo. It sounds like fun to me, ridiculous maybe, but still fun.

I was fascinated to research the author of this book and learn that she was the senior editor of starwars.com and staff writer for star wars insider for 10 years! She really has her foot in the door in a world where women are thought to not belong. She also created a Star Wars Craft Book which I assume is on a similar line as her feminist one. She seems to be an authority of all things geeky, hosting shows and writing for countless journals popular in cult-culture. One of the most interesting contributions was for a book titled “Womanthology: Space”. I clicked the title for more info.

It turns out that this book is a beautiful, colorful compilation of cartoons, visual short stories and comics created by women, are revolving around the theme of space! I think gathering these independent cartoons by genre is absolutely genius and will get everyone more exposure. I briefly scanned the pages and decided it was very cute and would be a lot of fun to read. ( http://www.worldcat.org/title/womanthology-space/oclc/936438930/viewport )