I saw this image of a spicy sink in the Metropolis Magazine. I love the idea of unnecessary household appliances being like nightclubs. Lighting up neon colors for no reason….great! I visited the designer’s site, Neo Metro, to see what other crazy things the brand has. There is a weird armored stainless steel “indestructible” toilet…just in case, I guess? You can also purchase a matching neon LED mirror for your nightclub bathroom aesthetic. Amazing. They have a cute drinking fountain for dogs but I actually think their speciality is light up rave sinks. They have an assortment of rave sink options.

I never considered the need for custom steel toilets but I suppose there is demand somewhere. I tried to go somewhere else from the site by looking at what other brands the umbrella corporation owns. Unfortunately I am very disinterested in ADA-approved airplane toilets and steel “fire valves”. The only interesting site is a sister company for beekeeping equipment! Bees and nightclub sinks,. all you need in life.

This has been the most fruitless exploration because I cannot find any NAMES of any designers that work for the brand and cannot find any more personal work. There isn’t one name on this neo-metro website! Help!