I just cannot escape sustainability in this class! I saw this lil doodle illustration in Metropolis and I loved it for the colors. The article it matched with was about creating a community rooftop garden with edible plants such as fruit trees, vines and herbs. I really liked the style of the art so I visited the artist’s website, who is Christopher Silas Neal. I find it interesting as a French student that he illustrated some covers of french books such as “tout un monde sous la neige” (a whole world beneath the snow, loosely) and a children’s book on animals! so cute. He also features some other book covers, one is a title: “The Summer Without Men”. Honestly that sounds like a great read. Neal’s style is simple, with some playfulness with collage and layering.

I could go on about my intrigue with books and layering but now my graphic design side wanted to see what Neal did under his category of “posters”. MUCH of his work is clearly hand-drawn, with hand-lettered type and doodles turned digital. It makes for a very whimsical, soothing body of work. There also seems to be a theme of nature, which recalls the original article’s artwork I enjoyed. I have to say, Neal’s “shop” was a little disappointing, featuring only a handful of signed prints of the same exact style depicting foods like tacos or ice cream. I like so much of his other work better, would have liked to see an assortment of things for sale.

I saw on Neal’s “about” page that he recently won an award from the Society of Illustrators for his work in motion graphics, which prompted me to watch a few of his videos on his page. They were cute, but video art isn’t my fave. I did want to check out who the Society of Illustrators was. I visited their website and browsed their current exhibits, one is called “Heroes of the Comics!” I used to read comic books a lot and still have a great love for the world of superheroes. The exhibit is actually illustrated portraits of comic book greats, creators and writers. I recognize many of the names such as Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Very cool, very lovely tribute.

I checked the Society’s “events” page to see what kinds of things they do, and oh my god…some of these I would kill for, like the “Fashion Sketch Night” hosted by a French Designer!!! Does that sound like Gail or what? For my last link I went to Izak Zenou’s website, the designer hosting the sketch night. The first thing I noticed was that his headlines are definitely the same typeface used on Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue magazines. His fashion drawings are so wonderful and fun! I regret not doing something like this during my classes at suffolk (although I suppose the sculptural paper-layered dress on the mannequin form does count). All of his work is clearly hand-drawn too and it’s so lovely. It really inspires me to practice more and do some fun things over the summer.