The reason I stopped on this article was because I thought the photo was of a lemon, my favourite fruit which I eat regularly. (yes, solo.) Turns out it is a Duncan grapefruit, a near-extinct variety which had a reputation for being the most delicious grapefruit but was shunned by the public for being so seedy. After reading this article I am dying to try a Duncan grapefruit. It’s on the bucket list for sure.

I visited the photographer, Todd Anderson, ‘s website first and started by watching all of his time-lapse videos because I love them. His are beautiful but i wish he had more nighttime city ones; one of my preferred views. I ended up looking at ALL of Todd Anderson’s work and my favourite photos were of a coyote (or wolf) and its pup, and one of the night sky that showed all the stars. Absolutely breathtaking work.

Wondering where to go next I checked on his “about me” page and he lists three (i suppose) major clients, the new york times included, but there was one i didnt recognize: Campbell-Mithun. I went to the wikipedia page about this company and was surprised to be reading in past-tense, which on wikipedia means whatever i am reading about is no longer in existence.  I learned that this was a huge and important advertising agency started in the great depression but started falling apart around the 70s, and eventually was absorbed by a General Mills conglomerate because they had struggled to adapt to the digital age. It was almost a sad story to read…proves just how important assimilating into modernity is.

I went back to Anderson’s website and followed a link to his blog next. I decided to skim some of his blog posts. One is about a wedding for his friends where he experimented with a new camera; all I have to say is the bride’s dress was hideous with gross comforter-like pickups swallowing her whole. I love costumes, so I was happy to see a post with hallween costumes at a local theme park. So cool. Would love to do this.

For my last exploration I clicked on his most recent posted work which was a disney-like scene, turns out its from disneyland shanghai which I did not even know existed! I wanted to see more from here so I researched this place to see what was up. What I find neat about the website is that you can search attractions by “thrill type”, filtering out dark or scary labeled rides if there are children on your trip. Or you can find slow rides if someone needs this. One of the most unique parts of shanghai disney looks to be their Toy Story hotel, a super themed hotel for families when they visit disney. I don’t think one of these exists in the US. I googled more images of it because interior photos from the website were scarce; it looks so cute and I would have loved this as a child.

From grapefruits to Disney Shanghai, I think this has been one of the most interesting paths so far…