This illustration and article entitled “America’s Uncivil War Over Words” caught my attention because they reminded me of a previous article I used discussing the prevalence of dictionaries. Clearly the illustration features a dictionary as the platform-ring for a boxing match. Very cute and punny. I visited the artist Matt Chase’s website first.

I love this guy’s work! Most of his work is illustration, collage or simplistic digital works used in editorials, articles or magazines. My favourite part about his site is that not only does each work explain where it was published but also has a one-line description of the content of the article. This really puts into perspective the artist’s intentions behind the piece and I love seeing this; makes me wonder why more artists don’t do this for their published works that were commissioned to accompany some sort of content. I briefly clicked on his “shop” page to see what prints he had for sale. My favourite is an illustration of a specific Swingline stapler from the movie Office Space, one of my favourites. The design is absolutely brilliant!

I read Matt’s story and decided to visit a site for Design Army, where he explains he “waged typographic warfare” for several years. It seems to be an independent firm which designs in collaboration with other clients, the list of which is extensive. Interestingly, they’re hiring for an entry-level Content Writer position and maybe I will apply. I seem qualified!

I looked through the awards Design Army won and found an interesting title “art4d” which I thought was funny. So I visited their website. It’s a magazine and it was founded the year I was born! Exciting. It’s based in Thailand, also exciting. I browsed the architechture page because this interests me. There is one that is awesome that is a large artist studio warehouse but the floor to ceiling windows are composed entirely of mismatched panes and frames. It’s just my style.

Overall I believe the original illustration suits the article well. Great job matt chase!16stamper-master768